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Mission Statement
Provide reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community.

Construction Management Services

At Buntin Construction, we are committed to being a leader of quality in the Southern Oregon construction marketplace. We are accustomed to the complex coordination of multiple job variables. Over the decades of doing construction in Southern Oregon we have built strong partnerships with subcontractors and other partners who are critical to delivering quality and expertise on time and on budget. Our general contracting services are integrated with many local service providers who work diligently to surpass client expectations and build sustainable projects at all Buntin projects.

Client Advocate
From pre-construction through delivery, we are always aligned with our client, and happy to be serving as a valuable member of our client's business team.

100% Open-Book Policy
Accountability and clear communication, supported by advanced technologies, prevents project surprises.

Tight Budget Control
Clients are relying on our promise to construct a quality project on-time, within budget. We deliver superior services and exceptional value.

Family Owned
The Buntin family has been building in Southern Oregon for over three decades. Terry Buntin oversees every project, you always have access to him to discuss your project.

"Perhaps the biggest benefit to our clients is the wealth of experience in successful building and the extensive relationships we have in place right now. Those help to contribute to the superior quality construction projects we are working on today, and the construction projects we will build in the future.”Terry Buntin

Full Range Of Construction Services

Buntin Construction's ability to comprehend customer visions and conceptual designs; plus, transform those ideas into functional, cost effective facilities, and continually complete the projects on schedule are premier in the local marketplace.

We are a commercial General Contractor and Construction Manager located in Medford, Oregon. Many clients choose Buntin Construction because Buntin treats each project as if it were it own building.

The Buntin Construction team understands what is essential in a project, whether it be introducing cost-effective paths to sustainability or shortening overall construction time. We deliver unparalleled customer service that yields quality relationships, teams, and projects.

Over three decades we have seen the construction industry at its peak and we have seen this industry go through a decline. through the ups and downs of business cycles, we have stayed strong by never letting go of our core values. Buntin is built on a vision of service to the community, strong core values, and building with superior quality methods, plus never forgetting that our clients and community come first.

Buntin Construction is a commercial builder, located in Medford, Oregon - a community known nationally for pears and an excellent quality of life. The character of our company reflects the community. We have earned a reputation for, and maintain a commitment to, building sustainable construction and using only the highest quality materials and methods.

Seven Reasons To Choose Buntin Construction

Our construction services cover a broad range of market segments that include education, light industrial, retail, mixed-use residential, financial, and special consulting. Bunting Construction is a trusted name in the building industry.

Ensuring quality is our primary objective. That is why we provide each of our clients with the highest standard of work for the best value. We’ve come to be known as the company to rely on for cost conscious construction. We also make it a point of pride to meet deadlines while coordinating multiple projects.

We are successful and thriving based on several reasons:

#1 Leadership
Terry Buntin is a third generation builder with the knowledge and relations to offer superior construction services with each and every client project his company undertakes.

#2 Quality Subcontractors
The Company only hires the higher quality subcontractors available. Buntin considers its subcontractors as partners in all projects. They take ownership in the construction process with us.

#3 Local Company
Our community is known nationally for its' high quality of life, for the character of both its' people and the places where they live and work. As a locally owned company, Buntin Construction takes pride in being able to enhance that quality of life in the community by offering distinctive and enduring building projects.

#4 Reputation For Quality
Buntin Construction has earned a reputation for quality construction on diverse projects from financial buildings, light industrial to multi use residential, educational facilities, and restaurants.

#5 Top Quality - Best Price
Buntin Construction believes that quality is the top priority in every project. And, we believe that it is equally important to provide each of our clients with the best value. And, we make it a point of pride to meet project schedules.

#6 Detail Orientation
We know that successful construction is measured detail by detail. Terry Buntin, the owner, is personally involved in all projects from start to finish, and we insist on using high-quality materials, plus hire only the most qualified subcontractors.

#7 Client Advocate
Buntin serves as an advocate to each client during every step of the construction process. We are proud of our partnering approach and have made great strides to create an environment of collaboration, cooperation and respect with architects and subcontractors. Our construction management experience and in-depth knowledge of the market place provide insight that foster excellent management methods which benefit our clients.

General Contractor Located In Medford

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    Leading Construction Company In Southern Oregon

    We were founded on a firm commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality workmanship, value, and service. Terry Buntin, a third generation builder, is personally involved in each project, ensuring flawless execution per specification, on time and on budget.

    Our quality, service, and integrity approach applies to all projects, from small to large, commercial to residential, to our referral and repeat customers, and to our first-time customers.

    At Buntin Construction, we are managers of the construction process, committed to construction excellence and driven to perform beyond our customers’ expectations. Our focus on quality, safety, cost, and on-time project delivery is uncompromising.

    Our goal to deliver world-class construction management service is exemplified by our collaboration with premier local sub-contractors who in turn help develop our local economy with jobs and life skills.

    From the moment we begin developing your preliminary cost estimate, until the final walk-through inspection, your Buntin construction management team handles every aspect of each project as if it were their building.

    Construction Management Services In Medford & Southern Oregon

    Drawing on Terry Buntin's extensive experience and knowledge of construction in Southern Oregon, Buntin Construction enables their clients make better informed choices when it comes to cost control. From years of general contractor experience, pre-construction, design-build and construction management operations we are able to reduce the learning curve on client construction processes while supporting clients' ability to meet schedules and cost objectives.

    Buntin Construction, as a construction manager, acts as the owner's representative throughout the project and beyond. This approach relies heavily on the general contracting knowledge retained from decades of building construction projects in Southern Oregon. Buntin has developed a unique set of relationships with community stakeholders and experts in construction services that all contribute to each construction project that is undertaken. When it comes to understanding the local construction market and building quality projects, there is no better equipped construction company in Southern Oregon than Buntin Construction, LLC.


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    Providing reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community for 35 years.

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