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Provide reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How long has Buntin Construction been building in Southern Oregon?

Buntin Construction has been providing quality general contracting services for over three decades. This is made possible by its commitment to quality and building strong relation relations with stakeholders in the community. We are proud of the quality contractors and suppliers we depend on in our commercial, education, industrial, and residential building projects over the years.

The Owner, Terry Buntin, has been personally involved in the building industry for over 35 years. He is a third generation builder and has a proven ability to steer Buntin Construction to be a premiere builder in Southern Oregon through the all the business cycles of economic trends.

Explain the leadership focused used to manage construction projects.

The top management communicates with subcontractors about the value of and importance of meeting/exceeding customer requirements. Rather than a tone of being concerned over concerns in an effort to avoid problems; the communication is focused on achieving excellence in their specific area of expertise at the job site.

Top management does review the work at job sites to measure quality and performance. For example, regular reporting methods are in place as a monitoring tool of site activities, whereas project schedules are used as guidelines for operation on sites.

At Buntin Construction our ability to comprehend customer visions and conceptual designs; plus, transform those ideas into functional, cost effective facilities, and continually complete the projects on schedule in the local marketplace is all based on honest communication to deal with all variables involved - starting from day one and going through until the project is completed.

What makes Buntin Construction different than other construction companies in Rogue Valley?

Buntin Construction practices quality management; aka management commitment in quality management. While the construction industry has its up’s and down’s, Buntin has remained strong even in economic downturns. From a business management perspective, that is due to building superior construction in each project we undertake by adapting our management methods to suit the projects at hand.

Please view the Benefits page explains Buntin Construction services.

Construction Management Services In Medford & Southern Oregon

Drawing on Terry Buntin's extensive experience and knowledge of construction in Southern Oregon, Buntin Construction enables their clients make better informed choices when it comes to cost control. From years of general contractor experience, pre-construction, design-build and construction management operations we are able to reduce the learning curve on client construction processes while supporting clients' ability to meet schedules and cost objectives.

Buntin Construction, as a construction manager, acts as the owner's representative throughout the project and beyond. This approach relies heavily on the general contracting knowledge retained from decades of building construction projects in Southern Oregon. Buntin has developed a unique set of relationships with community stakeholders and experts in construction services that all contribute to each construction project that is undertaken. When it comes to understanding the local construction market and building quality projects, there is no better equipped construction company in Southern Oregon than Buntin Construction, LLC.


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Providing reputable construction services with the best in class methods to serve the community for 35 years.

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